Valentine’s Day Fun

I can not believe it’s February 1st already! How is time rolling along so quickly?! February is a month with a lot to celebrate in our home so I will be posting a lot this month as I put together ideas for birthdays, Valentine’s Day and the Lunar New Year! Today’s post will focus on Valentine’s Day fun! We all need a little more love in our lives and what better way than to love the ones at home with us. I have always agreed that Love starts at home. If there is Love at home, there will be Love out there to share with the world around us.


I have to thank one of my friends for sharing this tradition she has with her children. She writes something she loves about each of her children on a paper heart and tapes it to their door everyday in the month of February up until Valentin’es Day! I love this! I think I may take it one step further and have each child also write something they love about their siblings everyday as well.

Cookie decorating kits have been all the rage since the kids have been stuck at home with nothing to do. So I figured…why not do some cookie decorating for Valentine’s Day too. It’s an activity. It’s a treat. It’s festive. Win, win, win! I made cookie pizzas and Valentine colored frosting with some red sprinkles for them to use to “make” a Valentine’s pizza. The sugar cookie recipe I used is Here. The icing recipe I used is Here. Just roll out your cookie dough into a circle, use your pizza cutter to cut it like a pizza and bake like normal. Prepare your icing with desired colors, pick up some Valentine themed sprinkles and let them have at it.

I have a ton of scrap fabric around the house leftover from making masks and pajamas so I kept it for scrap art. There are so many ideas for scrap art but this one is Valentine themed. I had some leftover canvases from a previous art project but you can find some from Amazon HERE or from Walmart. I had my daughter make pink paint to her desired shade using the red and white paint we had left in our supplies but of course you can find already mixed pink paint HERE. She then painted the entire canvas pink. Next, we drew a heart lightly with a pencil. Then, I had her choose different Valentine colored fabric scraps (red, pink, white) and paste them anywhere within the heart shape until it is filled using modge podge. You want to make sure the pieces fit into the heart shape perfectly so you may need a scissors handy to cut the fabric if needed. Once that was all dry, we outlined the heart with modge podge and poured black glitter over it. Once this dried, we had a beautiful Valentine piece of art to display.

It’s not entirely how I envisioned it but my daughter did it all on her own so there’s no wrong way to do art right?

For the littlest Valentine’s in the house. I found something simple and cute and hopefully not too messy. You can do this with washable paint or even with baby food….who doesn’t like to play with food? Just bend a toilet paper roll into a heart shape. Put tape around the roll to keep it in this shape. Let your little one dip the roll into the paint or food and stamp hearts onto a paper. Of course very small littles will need you to help them do this but it’s such a fun way to get them into the Valentiney mood and add an art piece of their own to the wall or fridge.


My kids always love games and when the kids were going to school in person, I was always putting together a Valentine’s Day party for one of my kid’s classes. So, I thought I’d put together one at home. No, party is complete without party games. So, here’s a few that are hearty and might even get your heart pumping (like my heart puns…..haha…I’m a nerd I know).

I actually used this before in one my kid’s classes. Get a poster board and divide it into 10 equal squares. Write different heart healthy exercises in each square with a picture of the activity as well if you like. Buy or make a heart shaped bean bag ( I made mine with felt and rice). Have each person take a turn throwing the bean bag onto the board. Whatever exercise it lands on, they have to do for a minute. Some exercises I included were: jumping jacks, push ups, plank, high knees, squats, burpees, mountain climbers, sits ups (if there is a soft surface to lie down), arm circles and lunges.

Since, we already made 1 heart bean bag, I thought I would make a whole set of heart shaped bean bags and play Otedama which is a Japanese version of jacks. You can learn how to play HERE. You will need 5 bean bags to play. You can find already made bean bags or just get some leftover fabric, cut them into 10 hearts. Sew them together, leaving a small section open to fill with beans or rice. Hand sew the opening. Easy, peasy!

I found a great sight made by a girl scout who makes virtual escape rooms. She started doing this as a girl scout project and she has continued doing this since so many people enjoyed it. She made one for Valentine’s Day. You can find it HERE. I tried it out myself and I am so impressed.


Of course chocolate strawberries are a staple for Valentine’s Day, so much so that it can often be hard to find strawberries at the store. I bought my strawberries a week before Valentine’s Day and just had my kids make their yummy treats early. I bought Chocolate melts and a some things to put on the chocolate (graham crackers, oreos, nutter butters and chocolate chip cookies). I crushed up the cookies and put them on a plate. Then, I had the kids dip their strawberry in the chocolate, then dip onto the plates of cookies to get some of the cookies crumbs pressed onto the chocolate. This tasted so delicious! I think my favorite was the one covered in chocolate chip cookie pieces. The one with graham crackers tasted a little like a smore.

Chocolate hearts was my next treat idea. So many are making breakable chocolate hearts as a treat for Valentine’s Day this year. I already have small heart shaped silicone molds from a long time ago, so I decided to try my hand at making mini breakable chocolate hearts. My first attempt was not great! I think I didn’t make the chocolate thick enough to be able to get out of the mold without breaking the chocolate. Attempt 2 was much better. Just make sure to do at least 3 layers of chocolate to coat the heart well and slowly peel back the sides of the mold first before turning it inside out to get the heart out. I filled the hearts with Oreo cookies and when they smash it, they can put the yummy crumbles in some vanilla ice cream, topped with strawberry syrup.


As you know from previous posts, I love making my gifts. This year, I’ve come up with a few things I’m hoping my loved ones will like and maybe you would too. I posted a few of these things in my shop if you have a chance to take a look.

Custom dominoes are always fun at any age. Now that the kids are older, it’s less about learning numbers with the dominoes and more about making chain reactions using the dominoes. These can be customized for your kiddo. Just message me or check out my Etsy page if interested in a set.

Who doesn’t love candy? Candy in a cute cup that can be used as a pencil holder? Even better. I also have these in my shop.

For my girls…..cute hairbows are always fun…..also in my Etsy shop.

With kids still at home doing school work, a snazzy pen with a personalized notebook to keep at their desk to do math problems on or take notes on is always a necessity. The pens can be customized and are in my shop already. The notebooks will be in there soon.

I also made some cute Valentine’s Day masks that can be worn all year because love should be a year round thing right? These are also in the shop.

For the pooch I made him a cute Valentine’s Day bandana and new custom dog food bowls. I will be posting these to my shop soon too.

For the hubby (and myself), I made a wine decanter set and a charcuterie board. It even comes in a beautiful gift box. Pair it with a bottle of wine, some cheese, crackers and chocolate and we have a cute date night treat even if our date night will include 4 rowdy children….lol. The decanter set and charcuterie boards will be available in the shop soon!

What cute ideas have you come up with? Have you tried any of the craft or treat ideas? I would love to see comments and photos of how it turned out for you. I am always excited to engage with my readers and learn from them.

I am an Amazon Affiliate so any products purchased through my blog goes towards supporting my blogging efforts and is sooooo very much appreciated. Also, any links to a specific item in my shop may not be valid forever as my products do change or may sell out (I would love if they would sell out…….please online seller goddess……bring me sales… but I do take custom orders so if you want something that is pictured here in my blog but it is no longer available in my shop, just message me. I would love to make it again just for you!

Keep the love coming and when I reach 500 followers on Instagram, I will randomly select a follower to receive a baby Yoda Valentine’s Day tumbler! Check out my IG @im_perfect_ari ♥️😘

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